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Interdisciplinary Design | Group Project | Royal College of Art

December 2019 - January 2020


In the Royal College of Art (RCA) Grand Challenge 2020 in collaboration with Logitech with support from CERN, our group which consisted of designers from different disciplines and backgrounds (such as product design, service design, fashion design, and textile design) was selected as one of the 12 finalists from 79 groups to present our project in front of the judging panel, including influential professionals and representatives from Logitech, CERN, and the RCA.

Our group proposes genetically modified and enhanced mangroves as a solution to address the climate crisis in the year 2100, where the equator zone is no longer habitable due to massive exposure to UV rays.

GROUP MEMBERS: Yan Han, Maximilian Sirtl, Elitnisa Solenay, Chengyi Tu, & Millicent Wong

KEYWORDS & SKILLS: Collaborating Across Design Disciplines, Presentation Skills, Video Production, Research, Speculative Design

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