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Industrial Design Project | Solo Project | Lund University, Sweden

January - May 2018


During my one-semester- long exchange at Lund University in Sweden, I had to opportunity to create my own design brief as part of the industrial design project to pursue my personal passion and interest as a designer. 


My previous volunteering experiences and working with the underprivileged, especially youngsters in Hong Kong, has inspired the creation of LifeBox, a social design that aims to address and support the well-being of adolescents (12 - 16 years old) living in subdivided flats in Hong Kong.

LifeBox provides a range of activities and exercises for the target users to engage in, each activity is designed based on intrinsic motivations and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for users to achieve.

This project has been selected to exhibit in the VÅRUTSTÄLLNING 2018 with other fellow Industrial Design students from Lund University at Malmö, Sweden.

KEYWORDS: Social Design, Adolescents Well-Being & Mental Health, Inequality, Intrinsic Motivation

SKILLS: Interviews, Qualitative & Secondary Research, Adobe Illustrator, Sketching, Prototyping

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